What is aKu?

Another Kompression Utility

aKu – yes the K stands also for KDE application – is a rar – the compression command line utility – GUI. With aKu you can decompress rar files and create new archives in a very simple way. It is developed by Alessandro Diaferia and Francesco Grieco.

a sample archive opened with images preview enabled

Archive opened with image preview

aKu is a KDE application, so if you can compile it on Windows or MacOSX, and if it works, please send us the binaries.

If you like it, please provide us feedbacks and bug reports.

This is a GPLv3 software developed with the KDE and QT framework (they’re amazing!)



Features supported

  • Support of rar and unrar
  • Creation of new archives in a very simple way
  • Advanced rar extraction options
  • Adding files or directory to existing archives
  • Deleting and renaming files archives
  • Preview support
  • Password – opening and creation of archives with header or files password
  • Comment – visualization and creation
  • Locked archive – opening and creation
  • A beautiful preview metabar for images

Features not yet supported

  • Split archive – opening and creation
  • Drag and drop from the main window
  • Brute force attack for password archives :=)


  • Rar or Unrar binaries – with unrar a lot of options are, of course, disabled
  • KDE 4.1.x

Known bugs and Issues

  • Full extracting of big size archives with many files is very slow (hard work in progress for it in these days!!!)
  • Columns ordering for size and packed is not correct

4 Responses to What is aKu?

  1. FREE says:

    Guyz i’m looking forward to install this utility …..(cmq l’opzione 3 delle features non supportate sarebbe molto utile)……………grandi ragazzi!!!!!!!!

  2. ZZsoltee says:

    Is there any older stable version for KDE 4.0.x? Or can you suggest another archiver for KDE4? Ark can’t handle RAR 😦

  3. akudevel says:

    ZZsoltee: you can try editing main.cpp and setting GPLV2 or something else supported instead of GPLV3. But we actually don’t know if gpl version is the only thing we use from kdelibs 4.1
    However try and let me know.. If you don’t know how to edit main.cpp let me know and I’ll provide you a patch 😀
    See you

  4. akü says:

    thanks… good web site…

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