Polishing aKu…

Hello people!

Porting aKu to QThreads caused the messy state aKu is in. Many features broke but fortunately we are managing in debugging and fixing broken parts. Btw, having some relax, I spent some time in polishing some aKu’s interface features getting what I think is a quality gain in usability :).

I’ll let two pictures talk in place of me; here they come!

A new stylish error dialog

This is the new aKu’s error dialog. A little bit more usable with that Close Button and a little bit coloured with the Warning Icon. Nothing more, just keeping its functionalities making it graphically cool!! 🙂

Ok, here comes the akuViewer instead:

aKuViewer with Image Preview

Finally ported to KDialog, some code was cleaned. What you can see is the slider on bottom (inspiring from the amazing Gwenview :-P) which allows you to resize the image keeping the window size. in aKu 0.99 you are allowed to resize the image only resizing its preview window (awful!!).

Well, that’s it guys, hope you’ll enjoy!! 😀




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