Polishing aKu… Part 2

Hi guys!!

This is the second part of the process of polishing aKu. This time I spent some hours in the night trying to make by code what Francesco suggested. After a long time testing, rewriting, trying, playing we got a very nice result.

Today we talk about the ratioWidget and the metaWidget.

We had some issues in keeping the ratioWidget in the list, it caused slowness in parsing the archive, so we picked the ratio and moved to meta. This allowed us to work more on the ratio trying to make it nicer :).

Here is what we got:

new ratiobar

Just some gradients to make the feeling of 3D. Do you like it?

Then we put that ratio in meta getting this result:

a brand new metabar

I feel it’s nicer than ever! It’s clean and gives good info about the selected file.

Ok this is what we got after some time of tries. Hope you like this. Your opinions are always welcome, so please, express yourself 😀




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